Dave Pensado, Grammy winning Mix Engineer

The Bettermaker 230P is an incredible Equalizer. Today we expect our gear (analog and Plugins) to have more than one simple use. The BM does this. Also I think it has pioneered a new breed of gear – 100% analog signal signal path with recallable digital control circuitry. And it does this while sounding amazing. I use it on everything!

Works with Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Monica, Pink, Seal, Shakira, Justin Timberlake, Usher…

Greg Wells

I wanted to say thank you so much for making the truly incredible BetterMaker. I fell in love with it within five minutes. It sounds FANTASTIC. So musical, and so helpful to me on a mix. The high pass alone is incredible and has made my mixes so much more focused… more…. better! And it goes without saying that having instant recall on the unit is a massive benefit to me, when I’m often in the middle of more than one project at once and needing to recall mixes frequently.

Works with Adele, Katy Perry, Kid Cudi, Pink, OneRepublic, Aerosmith, Celine Dion, Elton John…

Bob Katz, Grammy winning Mastering Engineer

It sounds absolutely fabulous!

The Bettermaker EQ 230P is two equalizers in one, each with its unique and useful personality. They’ve made an excellent point of emulating a classic Pultec down to the curves and the sound of it. In contrast, the EQ1 and EQ2 are very clean, transparent equalizers, and the P section has a very nice, warm character while also being clean enough even for purist classical music. A very nice combination and implementation of two styles in a single box. Regardless which of the two EQ styles you choose, or even mixing the two styles together, the resulting sound will be lively, clean, pure, dynamic. It can have character, warmth, and clarity at the same time.

Works with Olga Tanon, Paquito D’Rivera, Ben Kingsley

-ADDI 800-

I was going to write you some weeks ago to tell you the Eq is just fantastic!! It fits perfectly into my chain..Bettermaker is just what it is. This is for sure the one unit in my arsenal I would choose to take with me to be stranded on a desert island!

Works with Björk, Blur, Barði Johannson, Dad Rocks, Danjál, Diego Buongiorno, Eivør, Gus Gus, Gluteus Maximus, Hafdís Huld, Jan Erling Holberg, Leaves, Mezzoforte, Mimas, Morten Harket, Ólafur Arnalds, Skálmöld, Sigur Rós…

Tim Boyce, Masterdisk – Mastering Engineer

The A/B feature of the Bettermaker EQ230P is instant gold! The smooth and precise sound delivers the goods, and is very easy to dial in. The ability to audition multiple settings at the push of a button really helps to narrow down the perfect setting quickly. The ease of recall on this unit is unmatched in hardware, and sets it in a class of its own. The clean and modern design aesthetic always gets comments from clients and other engineers when they see it in the rack. Plus the ability to be upgraded in the field with nothing more than a screwdriver means it will only keep getting better!

Works with R.A.C., MSTRKRFT, Silver Medallion and Triple-B

Ludwig Maier, GKG Mastering – Mastering Engineer

The parametric eq section of the Bettermaker EP 230P sounds superclean and natural so it’s also perfect for steepy corrections in mastering. I never heard a great Hpf like this! The P-section is good for boosting high and low frequencies because it sounds round and stable. Its a good match to my baxandall eq. The recallbility is perfect I never have to use pen and paper to write down settings.

Mike Kalajian, Rogue Planet Mastering

he Bettermaker EQ232p Mk2 would be worth the cost of admission were it only a stereo pultec that sounds as good as it does. Add in the 2 ultra precise parametric bands per channel, the best hp filters i’ve ever heard, full digital recall, and mid-side processing, and it’s almost not fair. Mine is parked in MS mode. Pultec lows in the middle give me fat solid low end, while the high band can help feature a vocal that might not be quite present enough. In the sides it can add weight to guitars and beautiful sparkle to cymbals, while the HP can clean up side field rumble. All this and you still have the 2 parametric bands to help you surgically correct any problems or resonances. Looks and feels like it was designed to spend 30 years in space. Sounds like it was designed to spend a lifetime in your studio.

Dan Suter, Echochamber – Mastering Engineer

The Bettermaker EQ230p is the only unit in my mastering chain, witch I always use. The high-pass filter is just invisible. Eq1&2 work very fast and precise, doesn’t miss one transient. The low’s of the P-section is huge and tight, the highs bring up every detail of your mix without giving a unnatural color to the music! The EQ230p is my “swiss army knife” – so many very useful tools in one box!

Works with Eluveitie, Kool Savas, Rebekka Bakken, Billy Cobham